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Surf Mailer Exchange Site:

Traffic Hearts - $69 Yearly, $9.99 Monthly, Network Feed Ads, and Fast Network Ads, Over 250 Members

Night Wish Ads $39 Yearly, Fast Network Ads, Over 50 Members

Superior Solo Ads - $39 Yearly, 2 Super Solo Groups

Unlitimited Traffic $29 Yearly, Recharge Network Ads
21 Text Ads - 104 Members $39 Yearly
Save Way Traffic - 110 Members $39 Yearly

Ruby Solos - Network Feed Ads - 60+ Members $39 Yearly
- Recharge Networks Ads - $29.00 Yearly
Surf Ad Exchange Site:

Traffic Carney - $39.00 Yearly Over 65+ Members, SUPER SURF ADS!

Mega Credits - $39.00 Yearly Over 170+ Members
Surf Solution - $29.00 Yearly Over 100 Members
Surf Max - Super Surf Ads Included, GREAT VIEWS! $29.00 Yearly
Auto Surf Ad Exchange Site:
Auto Surf Links - Super Surf Ads Included, GREAT VIEWS! $39.00 Yearly

VIP Auto Surf - Super Surf Ads Included, GREAT VIEWS! $39.00 Yearly
Pro Ad Exchange Site:

Traffic Bay - $39.00 Yearly - Super Solo
Victory Solo - $39.00 Yearly - 2 Super Solo Groups
Retro Ad Exchange Site:

Maximum Solo Ads - $7 Monthly or $59.00 Yearly - Fast Network Ads - 140+ Members
Aloha Solos - $39.00 Yearly - 2 Super Solo Groups
Loyal Ads - $39.00 Yearly - Fast Network Ads - 50+ Members
Instant Mailer Exchange Site:
Mail Promotion - Recharge Network Ads - $29.00 Yearly
Bentley Mails - Super Mega Ads - $29.00 Yearly

Infinity Mails - 2 Super Solo Groups $39.00 Yearly 
Ship Mails - 50+ Members $39.00 Yearly  
Clown Mails - $29.00 Yearly
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